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STAR, in partnership with Milford Research & Consultancy Limited, offer a new and unique assessment and ratings scheme for collaborations and shared services.

The review is aimed at existing collaborations that wish to benefit from a completely independent assessment, and will provide them with a rating and improvement proposal, on which they can benchmark, and on which action can be taken.


The review will provide the following benefits to the collaboration and its partners/owners:

  • Independent assessment of the collaboration
  • Identify opportunities for further efficiency savings
  • Review the readiness for the collaboration to grow and diversify
  • Identify areas of risk and areas for improvement
  • Identify areas of excellence and best practice
  • Provide assurances on financial sustainability and performance
  • Final score and report with findings
  • Promotion of well performing collaborations
  • Benchmark of collaboration performance through star rating (0-5)
  • Follow up assessment to help drive sustained improvements

If you are a local government owned collaboration, this scheme is supported by the Local Government Association (LGA) through their Shared Service Expert Programme, and funding may be available.

How much does it cost?

Collaborations differ greatly in size and complexity; get in touch with us to request a quotation for your collaboration. 

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Further information

The Collaboration Accreditation Review (CAR) is a co-created scheme between STAR and Milford Research and Consultancy Limited.


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