About us

STAR Procurement is the award winning shared procurement service for Rochdale, Stockport, Tameside and Trafford Councils. We help our councils (and the organisations they work with) to arrange contracts for any supplies, services or building work that can’t be provided in-house. The suppliers who help us deliver these contracts can be from the public, private, voluntary or community sectors.

STAR Procurement provides a high quality procurement service that;

  • promotes best procurement practice
  • informs investment decisions
  • champions social value

STAR Procurement is central to helping its Councils develop new, innovative & cost effective ways of delivering their services and it is involved in all stages of the procurement cycle:

  • helping Council teams understand and develop their requirements
  • making sure all procurement is compliant with laws & regulations
  • helping the STAR Councils get the best value for money from their contracts
  • contract monitoring & review
  • transparency reporting

STAR Business Plan

STAR Procurement has now launched its Business Plan for 2017-2020.  The Business Plan shows the achievements STAR has made to date and how the organisation will continue its success over the coming years.   This Business Plan includes our Vision for 2020 and our 5 objectives that will help us to achieve this vision.  This is supported by a detailed and challenging Delivery Plan which will be reviewed on an annual basis.

STAR Procurement Strategy 2017-2020

In September 2017, STAR launched a new Procurement Strategy to complement its recently published Business Plan.  Our Business Plan identifies five objectives which underpin all of our activity over the coming three years and our Procurement Strategy translates these objectives into action.

It recognises the national, regional and local influences which shape our procurement world and sets out how we will deliver our business objectives through procurement activity.  It is designed to be simple and clear, demonstrating how we will deliver procurement worth to the STAR Councils and their partner organisations through the five core objectives set out in our Business Plan:

1.   Commercial; delivering value for money and maximising outcomes for our partners; promoting collaboration, commercial management and efficiencies in service provision

2.   Communities; strengthening local and SME spend, facilitating simplified interaction through the procurement process and embracing Social Value where relevant and proportionate to add value into the local communities we serve

3.   Collaboration; taking collaborative procurement beyond the STAR Councils across Greater Manchester and the wider North West, through a combination of engagement with clients and suppliers and appropriate lot structures in awarded contracts

4.   Compliance; adoption of a risk-based approach and maximising innovation within the confines of the Regulations which govern our public sector activities

5.   Champions; continuing to champion procurement and public service reform, using our skills to add value to the strategic procurement service provided to our partner organisations

Category approach

STAR Procurement manages procurement through a category management approach. STAR Procurement comprises three category teams; People, Place and Professional.  These category teams specialise in, and manage that category across all four STAR Councils.  They are supported by a small Business Improvement Team which ensures that the processes are in place to allow the category teams to function.

Download our full structure chart for information on how to contact members of the team.

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