Supplier / Bidder Resources

We are committed to supporting organisations who want to do business with our Partners and their partner agencies.  We have developed a series of resources that we hope you will find informative and useful.

Finding Opportunities

Our Partners publish their tender opportunities on the e-tendering portal The Chest.  We have developed a brief guide to assist you in registering, searching for opportunities, and bidding for work.

We are keen to understand more about the organisations who would like to do business with our Partners and have developed a brief supplier information form.  We encourage organisations, particularly those in Greater Manchester, to complete this form, so that we can understand more about you.

Supporting Suppliers and Bidders

We are committed to supporting our Partners with their Local Investment initiatives.  For lower value contract opportunities, STAR is taking steps to promote those opportunities with local suppliers.

Tendering in the public sector is more straightforward that you would think.  However, we appreciate that our world of procurement is not yours.  To assist you, we have developed some top tips for tendering and have produced a helpful guide to acronyms and procurement-speak which will hopefully demystify some of these processes.  We have also developed a response to some frequently asked questions that suppliers ask when tendering with our councils.

We have also developed a series of useful links which we hope will be of benefit to you when supplying to the public sector.

Supporting Communities

As part of the tender process, you will be asked to submit proposals for supporting our Partners in delivering social value from contracted spend.  We have developed a range of information to support you with this element of tender submissions.

Responsible & Ethical Behaviour

If you are a large supplier, you may be caught by the provisions of the Modern Slavery Act. For smaller companies who are not required to publish information in response to the requirements of this Act, we think it is worthwhile considering the moral code which lies behind these stipulations, as modern slavery can impact on smaller contracts as well as the big ones. All suppliers to our Councils are required to confirm their commitments to ethical and responsible practices as set out in our Responsible Procurement Strategy.